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Safety Toolbox

The health and safety of your staff and protecting your working environment are some your core focus areas. Safeguarding your quality standards is another. Your have great enterprise systems in place as part of your digital strategy. But something is missing.

What about the true value of the data in your systems. How to expose data to your workers and provide them with information they actually need to stay safe? What about worker adoption and awareness? The insights you need to improve or adjust? Toolbox Suite Safe is your solution. Flexible, intuitive and simple.

Safety Cards

You want to track the safe behaviour onsite or offsite. You want to be able to improve your process and operations and above all, you want your workers to be safe! Safety Cards is your solution.

Drive based on your life saving rules or other HSE programs and work with clear actionable results!

Combine Safety Cards with Training and Competency Management and actively start improving your workforce, safety onsite and action follow-up.

Configured to your needs, based on Industry Best Practices and ready when you are. Offline and Online.

Safe Card Registration

Defect Reporting

Defects happen anywhere, they interrupt your operation or directly influence your planning process. Get your in-field eyes and ears to start registering defects found during their daily activities and be on top of your game.

Get insights and see trends directly from our dashboards. Correct, mitigate or start scheduling preventive maintenance based on the outcomes. 

Allow your workers to increase their wrench time, reduce their time lost and work more effectively. 

and more!

Method Statement Management

Define, document and manage your method statements directly via our online backend interface. Push changes automatically to the field and allow you workers to work with the latest version.

Critical Action Management

You want to be in full control of critical actions executed in field. Staff need to follow and comply with your defined rules without being able to shortcut. Monitor closely and report on the level of detail you are looking for.

Last Minute Risk Assessments

An often overlooked topic. We completed our JSA, TRA or other assessment to make sure we mitigate possible risks. But what about a last minute -in field- risk assessment to make sure the work is executed in a safe manner based on the actual situation at the work location.

Incident Registration

Enhance our safety card solution with Incident registration. Start capturing incidents, near-misses and other information directly from your workers mobile device. Feed the registrations to your incident management system for further analysis or configure our platform to fit your needs and requirements.

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Multi Purpose

Configure as you like, integrate with third party systems or directly tie in with our platform apps. There is no limit to your creativity.

Multi Industry

Energy, Renewable Energy, Construction or Production. We all need to track, audit and control. Hit the ground running with our best practises.

Multi User

You don't want to be limited by availability of infrastructure or capacity. You have field workers and office workers with different requirements