Make compliancy
the new now.

In-field audits and compliancy checks. Inspection rounds and
action management or standardisation of repetitive tasks.
Simple, intuitive and flexible.

Compliancy Toolbox

The ever changing compliancy landscape in the Industry is hard to keep up with. Out of the box solutions don’t fit your needs anymore and flexibility to the largest extent is needed. 

To be in control you are expected to action, adjust and comply. But your workers also need to comply. How to get them onboard without bringing in the complexity and often overcomplicated enterprise systems? 

We have the answer. Our Compliancy Toolbox allows you to simplify complex processes and expose the simplified processes in a simple and intuitive way to your workers.

Critical Task Management

You are working in an increasingly complex environment. More and more activities require detailed instructions and must have proof of proper installation or implementation. Testing steps need to be documented in detail and the full history must me available by means of auditability.

Our flexible Critical Task Management solution combines the best of the well known Method Statements and management of related tasks. Including your proof. Our dashboard environment allows you to closely monitor status and compliancy and report outcomes to your stakeholders.

Critical Task Monitoring
Toolbox Suite

Auditing and Assessments

Configure your audit checklists on the fly. Action, assign and manage findings to stay in control and comply to your standards.

Publish different audit forms or checklists to different groups of staff without re-installing the software. A synchronisation is enough, how flexible can you be.

Want to push audit outcomes to a third party system in your ecosystem? Not an issue, our open -but secure- architecture allows you to connect to any system.

and more!

Method Statement Management

Define, document and manage your method statements directly via our online backend interface. Push changes automatically to the field and allow you workers to work with the latest version.

Last Minute Risk Assessments

An often overlooked topic. We completed our JSA, TRA or other assessment to make sure we mitigate possible risks. But what about a last minute -in field- risk assessment to make sure the work is executed in a safe manner based on the actual situation at the work location? Our LRMA solution can help you. You want to amend with an integrated toolbox talk form to make sure staff follows your safety rules? Not an issue! Why not have your staff digitally sign it off too!  

Incident Registration

Enhance our safety card solution with Incident registration. Start capturing incidents, near-misses and other information directly from your workers mobile device. Feed the registrations to your incident management system for further analysis or configure our platform to fit your needs and requirements.

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Always On

Our Mobile App can be used Online and Offline. It automatically synchronises inbound and outbound changes once a connection is available. Low bandwidth? Not an issue!

Always Improve

Report on the variable you need. Action and analyse improvement areas. Register in-field information and get insights to further improve your compliancy levels.

Always User Centric

Simplicity is key while developing our software. Not only the easy of use but also the user interaction. Minimise clicks, maximise information captured, excel in End User experience.