Performance as
never seen before.

Evaluate and manage competencies. Schedule appraisals and monitor performance.
Enter the world of continuous improvement.

Performance Toolbox

Configure and schedule your own Job Performance Assessments. Evaluate, action and improve. Continuously. Enter the world of Performance Management.

Our dashboard solution allows you to see and action all information that is relevant to you. Report, Export or Integrate? Toolbox Suite is flexible!

Performance Management

Measure and report on your performance. Individually, on department level or service line? It’s up to you. The flexibility of our platform allows your creativity to lead the way.

High performers, low performers? You need to take action. Issued warnings or granted a bonus? You need to take action. Why not all from a simple and intuitive interface.

Connect our Consultant Portal solution to allow your internal or external staff to feed into their profile. Build up history, build up a track record, analyse and support continuous improvement of your organisation

Performance Management as it’s meant to be!


Consultant Portal

Provide your internal or external staff directly with appraisal information or assessments. Send push messages to share information or highlight important actions. Directly on their mobile devices. 

Use relevant information from their profiles in your own HR system to keep your records up to date. 

Share knowledge by linking the Consultant to our Knowledge Transfer solution. Track how, when and where knowledge was shared.

Build your own state of the art, continuously improving workforce. And therefore increase your competitive position, lower OPEX and increase performance.

We are here to help. Let’s talk about how to enrol your workforce and shape the future!

and more!

Appraisal Management

Setup and configure your appraisal cycles. Available for internal and external staff. Define the details you want to measure and get instant insight directly from our platform.

Skill Management

Skills often provide more operational value compared to a certificate. We allow you to manage, improve and monitor skills and skill levels in a way that fits your organisation

Knowledge and Competency Management

You probable don’t know the actual level of knowledge and competencies in your organisation. Our knowledge and competency management solution allows you get the insights you need. Execute more effectively by scheduling and using the knowledge and competencies you already have in-house! 

Training Management

Monitor and manage your staff’s certification and training courses. Assign training requirements to staff the need to increase their knowledge levels, assess knowledge levels by configuring forms that capture what you need. Manage on department, service line or location? We’re flexible.

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Find out more about our platform and its flexibility. We are sure we have a solution that fits your need.

Meant to improve

Monitor, asses, track and improve the performance of your internal and external staff.

Meant to be simple

Assessments tend to be complex. Simplicity is key to the end user and also to us. Simple configuration and an easy to use interface.

Meant to be flexible

You want to define scoring levels and assessment questions yourself. You want to schedule yourself. You want to monitor yourself. Have it the way you want it to be.